Acoustic treatment of a studio for soundtrack composition.

The concepts of acoustic insulation and acoustic treatment go so closely together that, in many cases, they end up being essential for certain artists who require a high level of acoustic comfort with which they can focus all their attention on their musical productions.


This is the case of the brilliant British composer David Buckley.


David Buckley’s music is part of the soundtracks of movies and series that we all know (The Sand Man, Greenland, Angel Has Fallen, Jason Bourne, Nice Guys, Mercy Street, Batman, The Good Wife, The Last Temptation of Christ, Shrek 3, etc.) For this reason, the acoustics of his studio were as important as the demands of his productions, since one of the main objectives of music on screen is to drive the emotions of the viewer.


The acoustic project was designed by one of the top acoustic engineers, also British Chris Walls from Level Acoustic Design. It came to us due to the lack of experience of the local operators in Andorra to follow the indications of the design of the acoustic treatment with stretched acoustic fabric marked in the project. In the end we assumed the technical direction of the soundproofing part and all the weight of the execution of the acoustic treatment, including the integration of different elements of the study such as lighting, shelves, electrical mechanisms, etc. all of them floating on the fabric itself.


The stretched acoustic fabric designs allow our clients to choose from dozens of finishing and integration options, including stone or wood on the walls or parquet on the floor. We offer highly technical colours that create an ideal visual field for continuous monitoring of one or more screens, leaving concentration free in the hands of creativity.

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