Acoustic treatment of the set of El Chiringuito in Atresmedia

There are already a few acoustic projects carried out for Atresmedia, but the acoustic treatment of El Chiringuito de Jugones was a special job. At first it was about creating an optimal acoustic environment for a very successful program of the chain, but we had to do it thinking about possible future applications of a 400 m2 set.


To achieve an adequate reverberation time, we use Insul-Quilt’s Quilted Studio Blanket acoustic blankets – a product used by practically all the best Film and TV studios worldwide. The application of Insul-Quilt is already a guarantee of success to achieve ideal acoustics in large spaces where a good level of intelligibility is required. It is a product that can be cut to fit the height of the walls and further facilitate its already simple and quick installation. In addition, it offers a super professional look like that of Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Pinewood Studios, etc. Its value for money is much more than reasonable and complies with all fire response regulations worldwide.


As acoustic ceiling and reinforcement for Insul-Quilt’s Quilted Studio Blanket, we used Stratocell Whisper acoustic panels in the form of vertical baffles hung on a steel wire framework stretched to the end and end of each wall. Stratocell Whisper are absorbent panels that are ideal for achieving good acoustic absorption throughout the frequency spectrum thanks to their closed cell and their high absorption capacity per speed.


A correct dose of Insul-Quilt and Stratocell Whisper will always be a safe bet for any film or television set, and we are experts in these products. We take care of the project, the sale of these products and their installation.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about these products or about our acoustic consulting services.

We leave you with a video made by the popular host of the show “El Chiringuito” (Josep Pedrerol) commenting excitedly about the move to his new set acoustically treated by Mas Acoustics Pro.

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