Soundproofing and acoustic treatment for a rehearsal room

Many customers often ask us how to soundproof a room, and which acoustic panels should they use to obtain a satisfactory acoustic treatment that allows them to produce, play or record their music in good conditions, without disturbing their families or neighbors!


A client from Barcelona contacted us to present his acoustic project idea and main doubts. The goal was to be able to produce music or rehearse with his band at any time, all in a limited space in the garage of his new passive house with a common air conditioning and renewal system for the entire single-family home.


In this post we show you all the steps taken and acoustic insulation used (Silentblock, acoustic doors, profiles, plasterboard and plasterboard, absorbent panels, acoustic dampers, etc.) to soundproof the room and the results obtained. But first, be sure to watch this short video to graphically understand the sound insulation process in a studio with demanding performance conditions.

Both the project and the execution of the isolation part went smoothly with a comprehensive solution to two handicaps that we had, which was that the room had to be used both for musical production and for a recording studio/rehearsal room. The result in terms of isolation is unbeatable, taking into account that we can play acoustic instruments, amplified at any volume and at any time, even acoustic drums, and the high acoustic levels that we can generate do not affect or bother anyone.
I have come to make acoustic recording productions with *microphony with a very professional quality, even though I never thought it could become a professional recording studio.
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