Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment of the show The Voice in Atresmedia.

Acoustic treatment (as opposed to soundproofing) focuses on solving acoustic problems that are generated within our rooms.

When it comes to the acoustics of a television set, noise pollution can be due to poor or non-existent soundproofing and, in turn, be related to multiple sources of noise.


As acoustic consultants, being responsible for the acoustic treatment of a 2,000 m2 television set, with more than 40,000W of P.A. and for a leading audience program like The Voice (La Voz), was a real privilege.


Atresmedia’s Estudio 7 in Madrid is probably one of the largest studios in Europe, and of course, the ideal place to host the sound of “La Voz” (the Voice). Although it has a very special feature: the listening point of the coaches must be the sweet spot of the Studio. The artists who judge the talents in those famous chairs must perceive a sound free from interference caused by poor acoustics.


The acoustic ceiling.


Atresmedia’s “Theatre” or Studio 7 has another peculiarity that affects the recommendable use of different types of acoustic panels. Its 2000 m2 roof is divided into eight sections in the shape of an inverted “V”. It was a real challenge to convert such a ceiling into an acoustic ceiling suitable for such an important show a goal that we achieved by creating a double-level cluster with acoustic panels of Stratocell Whisper in the form of acoustic baffles behaving as bass traps and actively reducing the reverberation time over the entire bandwidth. The inverted V-shaped sections were covered with Quilted Studio Blankets from Insulquilt.


Acoustic panels on walls. Insulquilt.


For the rest of surfaces, although they had a degree of acoustic absorption, they couldn’t withstand the impact of such sound pressure by themselves, so we reinforced them with Insulquilt (Quilted Studio Blanket).


The Quilted Studio Blanket is the most common sound absorber on most movie or television sets around the world. Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Paramount, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Pinewood, Sky or Atresmedia are just a few names in the long list of Studios that trust the acoustics of their sets in this brand, Insulquilt. It has an NRC of between 1.00 and 1.05, passes all fire response and conductivity tests and its quality/price ratio is unbeatable. These sound-absorbing panels in the form of acoustic blankets can be cut to match the height of the wall, which greatly speeds up and simplifies their installation.




As an acoustics company we know that soundproofing or acoustic conditioning of TV or movie sets, as well as large spaces dedicated to live music, require the best possible sound, and this is a relatively easy goal to achieve today. It is enough to analyze the real needs of each case, carry out the corresponding acoustic study and apply the pertinent solutions knowing that, in most cases, these are halfway between acoustics and technology.

The acoustic treatment is an original idea of ​​the Atresmedia Technical Department, which has been developed jointly with the company Mas Acoustics, using innovative techniques that had not been used up to now.
José María Martínez
Director CTO Atresmedia

Since 2005

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