Acoustic treatment of DJ Oscar Mulero's Home Studio

The home studio or home recording or production studio is a resource that grows inexorably over the years. Good acoustic treatment made up of a good selection of acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers, and resonators, accompanied by good equipment for music production and recording, today represents a minimal investment compared to the costs of such a project years ago.


As for acoustic insulation, if we can also soundproof the home studio, even better. But it is not always the case. In those cases, we can focus on the acoustic treatment, but perhaps doing it in a slightly more personalized way. After all, it is our home studio.


Acoustic foam is a perfect solution, but it takes away originality or customization options from your room. Another better looking option is to integrate all the elements under an acoustic panel finished in stretched acoustic fabric. And this was the option chosen by Oscar Mulero and many other artists and producers who came to us.


For Oscar Mulero’s studio we designed a front wall with acoustic panels and bass traps inspired by the mythical designs of the great Piet Mondrian, but adjusting the colours to the client’s choice. Basotec acoustic foams are hidden under the stretched acoustic fabric, separating each panel with white lacquered wooden slats. On the sides there are two sizable bass traps, which link to the two side sound-absorbing panels that control the important first reflections.


The rear wall also features two bass traps and T’Fusor acoustic diffusers from Auralex Acoustics. As in the side walls, the ceiling has absorbent panels of a size ensures good control of the reverberation time at the mixing point.


Everything described above together with a good positioning of the mixing point and the choice of good equipment for music production are the basis by which the acoustics of a studio should be governed.


The best thing about stretched acoustic fabric finishes is the capacity and ease of integration that they offer. Combine the fabric with other decorative elements such as wood, stone, perforated acoustic panels or functional elements such as switches, sockets, dimmers, etc. It is a simple but differentiating proposal.


Do you want to apply a good design in your acoustic project? Count on us!


We design, we install.

Without further ado, let you know that I am very, very happy with the work you have done in my studio, the sound is fantastic and it is very comfortable to work
Oscar Mulero

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