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Good soundproofing and acoustic conditioning is key for a dubbing studio. How to achieve good soundproofing is widely explained in many of the acoustic projects and articles that appear on our website, but controlling reverberation and sound intelligibility is also a very important requirement for this type of activity, since the voice rules and must always be clear and free from noise. Therefore, we are going to dedicate a few words to the acoustic treatment of the Takemaker studios in Barcelona.


Takemaker is one of the best-known dubbing studios in Barcelona and, in turn, one of the first comprehensive acoustic projects carried out by Mas Acoustics Pro a few years ago.


Focusing on the acoustics of these studios, we want to highlight the use of light between rooms through glass walls and their huge dividing air chambers. This technique (learned from the great North American acoustic engineer Russ Berger – RBDG), shows us that glass can be used not only as an acoustic visor, but that well positioned and choosing the correct measurements and components, it can be of great help offering certain brightness in rooms where a good degree of acoustic absorption is required, wide visual communication between different rooms, use of light, etc. and do it all without compromising objective sound insulation at all.


The acoustic panels chosen for these rooms were designed using our Custom Fabric System (CFS) or custom stretched acoustic fabric system with retainer channel, creating a pleasant work atmosphere through the simple combination of two acoustic fabric finishes with different browns tones.


Inside, each panel houses the correct dose of sound absorption, bass traps, acoustic resonators and diffusers necessary to achieve the desired acoustics, but hidden inside so as not to compromise the aesthetics of each room.


Each of the studios has our excellent acoustic doors that ensure perfect acoustic insulation and, with its dark-toned paint finish, blends perfectly with the black acoustic fabrics that remain inside the air chambers of the glass walls. and with the blue of the walls of the dividing space.



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