Soundproofing and acoustic conditioning of the Lionbridge gaming and voice-over studios in Barcelona

The insulation and acoustic treatment of the Lionbridge Gaming Studios in Barcelona is another of our favorite acoustic projects, since we actively participated in all phases of the project. From advice for locating the right space, through the design of rooms, their soundproofing, their acoustic treatment and the total integration with the different elements of each one, including the corporate image of the brand.


Lionbridge came to us after visiting other dubbing studios in Barcelona, that we had soundproofed and acoustically treated years before.


Months before the start of the work, we accompanied them during the selection process of the premises that would meet both their strategic location and transportation preferences within the city, as well as the necessary requirements to ensure the success of the project results. Among these requirements were concepts such as the height of the place, the possibilities of increasing the ceiling and floor load and an open space that would allow a division of rooms with the m2 needed for their voiceover, control and production rooms. It was also necessary to obtain proportions of height, length and width that ensure optimal natural acoustics right from the start. We are talking about 5 rooms with very professional requirements and clear demands in both acoustics and aesthetics.


Once we got down to work and carried out the initial soundproofing measurements in the chosen premises, our engineer made the calculations that ensured compliance with the acoustic requirements established by the Barcelona City Council regulations. We agreed on the division of rooms that would meet all the aforementioned requirements, plus the indications regarding the requirements of the engineer who coordinates the obtaining of the activity license. Once the project was presented to the district technician and to the ECA (Administration Collaborating Entity) and with all the necessary approvals, we began the work in coordination with the rest of the industrialists.


In parallel to the construction of the rooms, we projected various proposals for acoustic treatment. Lionbridge selected the design they were looking for from the proposals submitted, and once the second acoustic insulation measures were carried out, which comfortably guaranteed the initial objectives in accordance with the municipal ordinance, we installed the aforementioned acoustic conditioning. For this, we used our own system of prefabricated Acoustic Panels with wooden frames and filled with innocuous and high-quality absorbent material, such as our Melamine Foam Absorbent Panels, the versatile Stratocell Whisper and all finished in Camira Fabrics Acoustic Fabric. stretched through our own retainer channels. As complements, to improve the acoustics of certain rooms, we used Auralex Acoustic Diffusers.


In this project we also designed and installed all the cabling, ensuring the highest quality standards, both in audio and video for the initial and future needs of the studio.


The result:

The final result, beyond achieving the appropriate reverberation time goals, can be seen in the final photos that Lionbridge provided us spaces that are as elegant as they are relaxing. Its appearance and acoustic comfort allow engineers and actors to give the best of themselves while developing their work.


Project Technical Direction: Juan Berlanga

“Thank you very much for that super detailed explanation for each of the rooms. In my opinion, we have also exceeded expectations in the final results for each of them. Very happy with the result, and the actors are also impressed with the final look. It really conveys the quality image we were looking for.”
David Rodriguez
Audio Manager- Games

Meet Lionbridge:

Original text by Esther Jansen (Lionbridge Operations Manager – Games)

The new Lionbridge Studio in the heart of vibrant Barcelona, offers Lionbridge Gaming clients five recording and post-production rooms and a comfortable lounge area. As the European gaming market continues to grow, this new industry-leading study aims to support the growing need for localization and audio services in the region. The suite of services we provide at our Barcelona studio will have the full support, speed and scale of the global Lionbridge brand, plus the local Spanish flavor our clients want and need.

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